Thursday, 27 June 2013


WALT write an explanation about why or how something happens in the animal world.

Fish are a salt and fresh water invertebrate that are throughout the world but mostly in the ocean. These are scared of humans because of our size compared to them

The reason fish don’t drown after staying in water too long like humans is because instead of lung,they have gills.Gills are made of fleshy, threadlike filaments which process water through its body instead of air.

Millions of fish in all different sizes and colours have gills so they don’t drown like humans all the time.Air is like water to us to them.

Fish are caught at fishing farms all around the world but at the same time they are not
being tortured.When a fish is caught, seconds after it comes out of the water the fish
is killed quickly so it feels no pain.

Fish are one of the most  common sea creatures on earth so there is a very low chance that every fish will become extinct.
invertebrate-animal with no backbone.   gills-what a fish uses for lungs.

So What:  to write a proper explanation with pictures paragraphs.

Friday, 14 June 2013

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