Friday, 17 October 2014

My librarian leadership role

Being a librarian is just one of my few leadership roles I have been doing this year.
The jobs I do as a librarian are putting away recently returned books,keeping the library quiet and helping other students issue out book.
I work there fortnightly on a Wednesday and my goal is to become the head librarian next year.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The effects of when a business or consumer does not meet their responsibility

The effects of when a consumer or business forgets to do their duties can be  horrendous.Trust,money,time and confidence can be lost because of one simple small mistake.
An example of this happening is when the manufacturer sells the business faulty goods.When the business notices a fault they will think that there are more of the faulty goods and have to waste their own time to check for more faulty products.
All of this can lead bigger problems like having to switch to a different manufacturer or fining the current manufacturer because of the faulty goods being there in the first place.
When the faulty products go to the customers unnoticed the problem can escalate when customers are lost and sales go down.
The largest problem of them all is when sales for both the business and manufacturer are lost and the consumers still don't get what they want.This can lead to the manufacturer losing one of their good customers.
Lots of money,trust,time and confidence would be lost in this kind of situation because of one small fault.

Friday, 20 June 2014

S.D.L term two

For S.D.L this term the selection of learning is reading,writing,maths,art and other non-titled learning like this blog post.
My IALT is to complete at least half of the  selection including this blogpost itself.
An example of my maths strand work is that this letter T on the picture has been enlarged by 4.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Reading 12/6/14 On the dinosaurs trail

WALT-figure out what unknown words mean.
S.C-use clues from sentences and pictures.
-insert new words in the text.
The article I have recently read is about evidence of dinosaurs in New Zealand in the north island.
While reading the article we had to learn what some of the unknown words meant .

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Reading for term two week three

For reading this week my group has been reading an article named "The Call Of The Conch" which has many fact about the conch shell.While reading the article we made predictions and wrote the definition of words in our own way.An example for the word lustre is "Lustre is when something is shining,luminous or one of many other similar words.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Maths for week two of term one

For maths in the second week of term two I've been doing SDL (self directed learning)to finish my maths working sheet.The strategies I've currently finish are find common multiple and factors,round numbers sensibly and finding the decimal number. An example of my work is that if you wanted the first eight multiples of nine your correct answer would be 9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72.This has been my maths for week two.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


For term one I've been making letters to male role models,writing recounts and writing a letter to the parents of a new student about to start school.For writing to a male role model I've written to my martial art teacher as an exchange for how much he has helped me.My recount is about my family and I going for a trip to Fiji and the islands.The letter to the parents of a child about to start going to school is to introduce myself to the parents of the child so they know its a good idea for all the year sevens and eights to help the new students out.This is what I've been doing for writing during term one.


In this blog post I will be writing about my learning for maths during term one.WALT understand tree diagrams and other complicated statistics.An example for this is when you flip a coin twice there will be four possible outcomes.Some other types of statistics equations I've been learning to solve are mean,median and range.The mean is the average of a bunch of scores.The median is the middle number in between the lowest and highest of the many scores.The range is the most common number of the lot.
This is what I've been learning during term one for maths.