Thursday, 17 April 2014


For term one I've been making letters to male role models,writing recounts and writing a letter to the parents of a new student about to start school.For writing to a male role model I've written to my martial art teacher as an exchange for how much he has helped me.My recount is about my family and I going for a trip to Fiji and the islands.The letter to the parents of a child about to start going to school is to introduce myself to the parents of the child so they know its a good idea for all the year sevens and eights to help the new students out.This is what I've been doing for writing during term one.


In this blog post I will be writing about my learning for maths during term one.WALT understand tree diagrams and other complicated statistics.An example for this is when you flip a coin twice there will be four possible outcomes.Some other types of statistics equations I've been learning to solve are mean,median and range.The mean is the average of a bunch of scores.The median is the middle number in between the lowest and highest of the many scores.The range is the most common number of the lot.
This is what I've been learning during term one for maths.