Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reading For Week 11 Term 2

This week there hasn't been any reading,instead there has been end of term stuff to finish off.But at some times during the day at school and home I've had books by James Patterson to read for a competition in which you have to read all thirteen of his books before the end of July.So far I have read seven of his books in the last month so i think i have a good chance of completing this task before the time ends.I'm currently reading the book in his series Middle School called Get Me out Of Here.Although it may sound hard that I have to read that many books,it isn't because they are shorter than most other chapter books from the senior fiction part of the library.

Room 26 Learner Licences

In room 26 Mr brown recently introduced a new part of the classroom called learner licences. They are a way of rewarding the students who are working extremely well with freedom of where they learn and for the distracted ones,taking away the ability to work where they want.The stages the licences go from are the standard Independent which isn't any different from before,the Regulated is when the teacher can move you if you're getting distracted,Teacher is when you always need to stay with the teacher and Mobile is when you're completely free to go anywhere with your learning.
I've been lucky enough to have only gone to Regulated twice in the last three weeks so i haven't had many problems with the licences,but some people have gone as far as both mobile and teacher.
Overall i think that the idea for this was a great one and that the class is becoming a better place to learn.

Careers For Week 11 Term 2

For careers this week our main goal was to complete our boards and have all the information put on them correctly.This was hard because we weren't able to write on the pieces of paper at school because of time issues.It was even more difficult for some people in the class because they still had to publish their careers writing explanation and research.Overall the only hard part of it was having to do it at home,but this didn't even take that long.